Yesterday—October 14th

"It's so beautiful outside. The sun is beaming down on my black ensemble, seeping into the fabric, and keeping me warm. Then breezes come and they go but when they stay, they refresh me. They cool me off. Along with the breaks they deliver, they rustle crunchy leaves and brown debris. They line the edges… Continue reading Yesterday—October 14th

A Thought on Rest

I think rest is something embedded in us, beneath our heavy and stressed exteriors. We complain nothing big is happening for us, we’re “not getting” the opportunities we want, yet we’re tired from all the self proclaimed “nothing” we do and we sit under a banner marked “overwhelmed.” We speak of the naps we’ll take… Continue reading A Thought on Rest

Slowing Down: A Conversation on Fast Fashion

I recently watched a powerful documentary called The True Cost*, cataloging the devastating truth behind the fast fashion industry. Many companies refuse to hold responsibility for the outsourcing of their production in countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, and India (among countless impoverished others), where labor is incredibly cheap, living wages are nearly never met, working… Continue reading Slowing Down: A Conversation on Fast Fashion

Rhythms of Grace

I found it fitting, in this moment of solitude, to write again. If you're wondering where I've been, I've been in busy-ville. If you're wondering why I haven't shared, it's because I'm in overwhelming-ton. If you're simply wondering how life in Portland is, it's hard. Despite the weight I've felt on my shoulders this week,… Continue reading Rhythms of Grace


The holiday season is a time so near and dear to my heart I was weary of not getting to spend it with my immediate family this year. I've been moved for over two months now, my mom is married and moved, and the rest are dispersed in several parts of the country. One would think… Continue reading Thanks