Peanut Butter and Not Jelly

I love it when the Lord speaks to us. It can be through a picture, a person, the simplicity of a word or a phrase. It can even be a stream of sunshine breaking through a drapery in the middle of the afternoon. Either way, the Lord is always surprising us with that still small voice of his.

I’ve been learning a lot this week about how, in regards to the media, we receive our messages and how the “medium,” or way we receive it, effects how we as an audience negotiate the meaning of a message.

So I started thinking. If the way we discover and learn new information is so important to the way we perceive a message and its meaning, how does that relate to God and I and the interactive relationship we have with one another? Because it is God himself speaking, does that increase the meaning of whatever it is he is going to say to me? If God speaks to me through another person, has the quality of that message decreased? I’ll leave that one up to you to answer. *wink*

When God speaks to me I am amazed. Whether it’s directly from him or through another person, it doesn’t matter. It’s God speaking. I can’t wrap my head around someone so holy, and so worthy to be praised, speaking to someone like me; a damaged, undeserving, fragile human being that hardly has herself together. Yet because of God’s triumphant mercy we are forgiven. The veil that once hung between us and God has torn to give us complete access. It’s an access that isn’t limited nor constrained. It’s an access that screams “Come! Come to me! I have all the answers! I have everything you’ve been looking for!” And as we begin to give in to the screams and the cries that the Lord makes (he’s eager for us you know), we enter into a place where Jesus is our primary source. Our strength. Our “Book of How-To’s.” Our calm in the midst of the storm.

Us without Jesus is like a car with no gas or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the jelly. And even though a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without jelly is better than one with, thats not the point. The point is that we; me, you, society, humankind, are rendered void if our source, Jesus, is disconnected from us.

Let us not be disconnected. Let us be conscientious. Let us acknowledge the one who gave us everything and continues to restore us and takes our mess and turns it into something so beautiful we have ourselves asking why it is he chose us.

He loves us so much that he can’t help but look past our mess. Despite our faults he chooses us. Despite our weaknesses and weariness he still chooses us. He loves us just that much. If that isn’t wonderful I dont know what is.


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