Deciding to Rise

It’s easy to draw similarities between wind and change. Wind messes up your hair, rustles leaves. Sometimes wind knocks down entire structures. Change, similarly, rattles our routines, messes us up by removing us from our comfort zones, and rouses our hearts much like how wind can agitate its surroundings.

I know what you’re thinking. What in the world is she talking about? Well, to further explain myself, let me tell you a story…

It was Thursday:

The winds were high but the air was warm. A kind of warm that you would feel on a late April afternoon or an early morning in the depths of summer. Being outside wasn’t close to a bother because of how lovely this wind was. I went outside to get into my car and a yet-to-be-planted pot of flowers had fallen over onto its side. The flowers were a dark red, almost a maroon color, surprisingly in full bloom, with leafy green stems. I let out a small laugh because I just felt bad for the little thing. I returned it right side up and went along. Little did I know that when I returned would the flowers have fallen over while I was gone. Only this time they fell down the steps leading up to the front door. “Poor flowers” I thought. I returned them to their upright position and hoped with all my heart that they would muster up enough strength to not blow over again.

I continued through my day grazzing over food, watching instructional videos for school, completing random tasks and pointless nothings as per usual. But when I had to go put an important document in the glovebox of my car, I found myself outside again. And there were the flowers. Blown over. Again. I lent my hand and set them once again right side up where they were trying so hard to stay.

How many times in our lives do we feel like we get knocked down much like the wind knocked over this plant? Time, after time, after time it can feel like we are far to weak to keep ourselves up when a storm comes our way.

Change, just like wind, can be a positive thing if only you recognize its potential to be.

Most people can only think of the destructive components of wind rather than focusing on it’s beautiful tendencies. It has the potential of forming breathtaking waves, and shaping clouds in the sky into toy-story-like blobs. It’s what makes the golden leaves gracefully fall off of the trees (and occasionally hit your face) in the middle of October and it’s the same wind that sends chills all down your body’s spine, that make you feel alive.

Time and time again the wind knocked down those flowers. The wind didn’t change the fact that these flowers were flowers. It didn’t change their color, their appearance, their mentality. The flowers weren’t even phased by the wind.

I figured when we find ourselves down on our sides or rather, on our knees, it does change us. Failing changes our perspectives, our strategies. It changes how we view certain situations in our lives. Our dispositions shift when we fall down. We must be brought down to be built back up. Much like when a child first learns how to walk. Constantly stumbling, innocent in their intentions, yet they have to fall in order to learn.

Think of it like this:

“For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again…” – Proverbs 24:16

God sees our habit of getting knocked down. But more than anything he sees our ability to get back up. And that ability comes straight from Him. He’s a father that looks after and picks up his children when they fall.

Despite “winds” knocking us down for no aparent reason other than because they can, we still have the ability to get back up. Getting knocked down doesn’t take away our power to rise up. Getting knocked down gives us the strength we need to persist and keep moving forward. Don’t let the winds and storms and powers against you keep you down in life. Rise up and stand that ground of yours. You are victorious.


P.S. Big, big thanks to Katelyn for inspiring this post.


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