Dear Boston

Dear Boston,

Come two more weeks and it will have been two years since I stepped my petite, little, size 6 feet in your quarters.

Two years since my dream to travel was birthed.

When I realized how much I wanted to see the world.

I can remember trying to come up with idea of what you were going to be like. I kept running through expectations in my ignorant head of how amazing you were going to be. I anticipated bustling subways, Bostonian accents, hot dog carts on the street, and business people, glued to briefcases, whistling at taxis. You know, all those things I saw in the movies.

In some such way, you proved me wrong. Yes, you offered food on the streets, but nothing I hadn’t already seen before. Locals didn’t really whistle for taxis, in Boston that is. It’s rather people in their luxury cars with sad cases of road rage willing to run over any pedestrian that gets in their way. I was correct about your subway hype though. If there is one thing I learned about the city it’s to embrace any chance you got not being squished next to a stranger on the subway. If you didn’t know someone when you first got on, you sure would by the time you got off.

Thank you, Boston,

for being surreal,

yet, being real.

Getting to personally experience your pieces of history that we had been learning about that same year left us feeling privileged. We got to stand on the stones that the Boston Massacre occurred on. Trudged 294 steps up your killer Bunker Hill monument. Saw the final resting places of many well-known American figures. Walked miles, and I mean miles, around your close relatives Charlestown and Cambridge.

It was an experience filled with wonder.

Some of my favorite parts were walking through Back Bay Village where 3-story brick buildings lined the road, and riding your cigar-infused subways. When I think back to my time with you it’s like I can smell them all over again. Recollections run wild thinking of cigars. I loved the endless laughs between Madyson and I, your architecture, and your lively market at night. Waiting in line for Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese was all worth while (life changing, if I may say). I loved the dozens of starbucks stops (thank you Buissinks for teaching me your wise ways), throwing tea into your harbor and sticking feathers up my nose, and walking through your many revolving doors.

Your atmosphere was something that was easy for me to fall in love with. You let off a unique aura that I never knew existed. When days came to an end and I went to turn off the lights, you were still wide awake with inherent energy. Of all the things I love about you, that is what I love most. Your liveliness. Your moxie. And it’s what I have found myself missing the most about you.

I’ve spent a lot of time dreaming of visiting places like you and when I got there I never wanted to leave your inviting and hospitable surroundings.

Saying I left my heart on the east coast gives me an excuse to go back and one day retrieve it.

Until then, keep my heart safe, Boston.

Thank you for instilling in me excitement about trips to come. I can’t wait to continue making my mark on more cities, and more countries. There is so much more to life and the world than the 5×5 box we can sometimes contain ourselves in.

Expanding the borders (of my heart that is) is one of the smartest things I can ever decide to do. And you taught me that. Thank you for reiterating that the world is my oyster! Cliche as it may be, nothing has rung more truth. I’m glad I live in a world where you’re not limited to one place. I’m glad that we get to see people experience life from different angles from different places and from all walks of life.

As much as I love traveling to you, I love home. And though my home is different than what I called it six weeks ago, I’m still “home.” Because home can be as simple as the body you live in; the space that in this moment of time you are managing to fill. So if you would be so kind as to excuse me as I continue adjusting and embracing this season of change. I will continue to thank the Lord for his faithfulness and his provision especially when I cannot see it.

But I will also thank you, Boston, for giving me a glimpse of the charm and beauty that instilled wonder in my eyes. Keep creating dreamers. The world needs more.


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