The Willing Heart

I don’t want to be too sappy but, the girl that is writing this right now is not the girl that started her blog one year ago.

She’s long gone, but I will never forget all the things I learned from her.

She taught me to never let go. Even when it’s INSANELY hard.

To hold unswervingly to the hope that the Lord professes.

To hold onto the Lord’s promises and the things He speaks.

As silly as it sounds, she taught me how to make friends when all I really wanted to do was be alone.

She reminded me that the Lord sees her.

And loves her more than she could ever understand.

She taught me how terrible, though easy, it is to isolate yourself.

And to “suck it up, buttercup.”

I’ve probably written about trusting the Lord more than once here. But I’m going to do it again. Because trust and surrender is a daily effort. It’s not a one time “Oh, yeah God, btw I can’t do this on my own and I don’t know how this is going to look, so I’m going to stop trying so hard, let go of this super tight grip I’m trying to sustain, and trust you.”

I keep finding myself in seasons where trusting the Lord is all I have left to do. Low and behold, I’m on the brink of a new season. Yet now, instead of trusting the Lord being my last resort, it’s now my first. Forevermore. Because I’m tired of being tired. Why should I exhaust my small energy on something so big when God’s supernatural strength and power can make those situations actually small?

Let God make one mountain seem like a lush valley and you’ll start to feel pressures and burdens lift right off of you.

If I’m being completely honest, I think change sucks. Unless the change was moving to Europe or Iceland or someplace rad like that, I’m not feelin’ it.

But despite my dislike, I’m going to push it aside. Because the Lord is attracted to a heart that is willing to be shaped. He wants us to embrace every season and change that He brings us to, because there is a plan and a purpose for all of it.

So let me ask you.

Are you willing?

Surrender is a beautiful thing. And I bet I’ve said that a BILLION times now. But it’s central when walking through life. And as much as I feel I have grasped it, I really haven’t. I think it’s one of those concepts we are continually learning and growing in forever — something that moves from an act of obligation to one of desire. (You can thank Jonathan David Hesler for that thought, not me).

The Makayla writing this today doesn’t drink vanilla chai’s too much anymore. She’s more of an iced americano gal now (*winks*).

She doesn’t own as much. Her belongings have been sized down time and time again.

Her wardrobe has done a complete 360 within the last year. (*praises*).

She feels lighter. And not just in a clutter sense. She feels as if weights have been lifted off when it comes to life and it’s unpredictable currents.

She’s worlds more confident in herself and who she wants to be.

She’s increasingly more conscious of what brushes off of her onto others.

She makes sure not to forget to be thankful even when she might not like what she has or when things don’t seem to go her way.

She loves the Lord more than ever.

She finds favor in her obedience and refuge in His wings.

She holds tightly to hope.

She’s learning how important it is to read the truth. To dwell in it so that she can live in it.

She believes in God’s faithfulness to finish all the things He’s started and promised.

Not a day goes by I can’t help but be in awe of how much the Lord has transformed me. How much wisdom He has bestowed upon me. How much love He has showered over me.

I’m never quite sure how to end these, so I will just say this, because it’s been on my heart for weeks as a declaration:

And if not, God is still good. In all seasons, circumstances, and trials. God is good, all the time.

Let praise cascade off my lips.

Let every promise ring from my tongue.

Instill in me a willing heart to see what it is you want to be done.








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