That’s Home.

It’s a very grey morning in my hometown of Walla Walla and the rain contained to the clouds is just starting to descend to the ground. The sun is trying to peek through the sky. The air is just cool enough to need a sweater, yet warm enough to restrain from shivering.

Do these conditions remind anyone of another place? Because they sure are bringing Portland’s mundane tendencies to mind. Wonderful mundane tendencies. Making me feel like I’m experiencing contradictory feeling’s of home.

I’m sitting in a spot close to my heart at the Colville Street Patisserie — the place where my love for cafe atmospheres and coffee was birthed. Where so much fellowship has been had and laughs have been shared over the years. Drinking earl grey tea to supplement my emerging sore throat and cough.

This is my first time ever writing here. And to be honest probably one of my first times alone here.

And I’m excited about it. Because many things have been on my heart.

First of all, coming home is always a treat.

I leave full to the brim.

But this particular trip home has me feeling full and abundantly overflowing. It’s been one of the best despite how different it looked. It was the biggest, needed reminder of God’s AMAZING faithfulness. And that He hasn’t forgotten about what He is doing in me and others. It was the first trip of many that will remind me of this. It was a trip good for my heart (quite literally if you know what I mean).

Last night scrolling through my Instagram feed as I normally do, I came across a caption that hit home:

“All things are working for your good. Know that God is intentional, in control and will never fail you. His perspective is whole and complete even when it’s the hardest to believe or see! There’s a purpose behind His plan for your season!”


Understand the intentionality of God and His ability to never forget not one of the desires of your heart. Out of all the people in the universe, God is the one who knows the beginning and the end — the one who has the first and last word. Engrave in your heart — believe — that God’s plan is perfect. God’s plan is always working for our good.

I am leaving home today the most encouraged I’ve been in awhile. I feel as if I’ve been given the biggest nudge from the Lord to persevere: “Look! See! This is what I’m doing! This is my plan! Get excited! Do you see the favor I have already begun to pour out on you? There’s even more to come. I am greater still.”

I found myself frustrated the other day, at new things I couldn’t control. It left me feeling a heaviness God never intended to fall on me.

But I was nudged again in a needed direction with a simple reminder:

Give God your frustrations. He sees them. He understands them. He knew you would have them. But give them up. Don’t you want to feel light?

I know I do.

I think finding God in “the secret place” means finding Him where you don’t want to find Him — where it’s hard for you to personally seek Him. In the midst of your frustrations. Open up every area, especially the ones you feel are untouched by God. The vulnerable places. Seek Him and you will find Him. It’s guaranteed. It’s a promise.

There is no greater feeling than feeling at home. (I’m redundant, I know.)

And I’m discovering that home can be found, in theory, every place you go. In coffee shops, on streets, in people, but most of all in the moments you are reminded of God’s unwavering faithfulness.

Where you are aware of how protected you are by your heavenly father’s hands.

That’s home.

I’ve been taken back to God’s perfect plan and the amazing promises He has given me — ones greater than I’ve ever dreamt or imagined. I would never be able to make it through a day without the fresh vision that God continually casts over me.

And that is truly the essence of what will propel me into the remainder of this season.

God’s perspective.

His comforting embrace.

“Look with your eyes and hear with your ears and pay attention to everything I am going to show you. For that is why you have been brought here.”

E Z E K I E L  4 0 : 4




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