A Wednesday Afternoon.

*Written earlier today in my little olive green journal*

I’m catching what seems to be the last stitches of Fall. Or perhaps they are the first of Winter. Either way, I’m content. This last week has been one of toil and I’ve needed more time to myself than ever to rest, reflect, and most of all — refocus.

I’m sitting all the way in southeast Portland outside of Good Coffee, a favorite of mine, after a brief walk around the Richmond neighborhood.

There is most definitely a bite in the air that which is chilly. I’m also drinking most likely one of the best chai’s I’ve had all year — which makes up for the cold. It’s the perfect balance between spice and sweetness, and pairs perfectly with the briskness of the air.

I decided on sitting and writing the old-fashioned way — with a pen and some paper. Seeing as I don’t have my computer in tow with me.

Oh how light I feel!

I love afternoons like these where not much is on my agenda. Where I can drive to my favorite places and walk around my favorite friendly neighborhoods. Parading with a warm beverage in hand around street after street, glancing at houses and imagining the people who live in them — what they do, what their families may be like, if they even have families — might be one of my favorite pastimes.

If that is even considered one.

I like to think of how discrete everyone is — if neighbors know neighbors —if times are tough — if people are facing difficulties even as I walk by.

The possible circumstances I could muster up regarding each home are quite endless. So much so that I’m a little more sensitive to the Lords voice as I walk — always waiting to hear what He has to say or waiting to see if He would place something specific on my heart.

I like to think that as I walk, my prayers could be having a lasting effect on the lives that inhabit those houses. That perhaps, on some level, I’m able to intercede on behalf of those who aren’t even aware that there is hope for their situations.

I love that I get the privilege to do that — yield my ears to God’s voice.

You never know — someone else’s breakthrough could be on the other side of your obedience.

Sitting here is nice but, my phone is dying for no apparent reason, my chai is no longer warm (as am I), and the sun is beginning to set on what I would call a successful afternoon.

I’d say it’s a good time to head home.

Wednesday, you were lovely.

See you again soon.




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