A Letter To Jesus.

Jesus, I need you.

I am still tired and weak. I need your peace to fall afresh. I need you to hear my cry. Holy Spirit, come. Give me rest. And build a home.

Every morning you’ll hear me at it again. Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on your altar and watch for fire to descend ( P S A L M 5 ) .

Let my body be a living sacrifice. I thank you that your blood runs through my veins. Your love washes me white as snow. You purify me in more ways than I know and you take me in. I am now in the line of your lineage. I am a daughter of the king and you indeed are the king of my heart.

I behold your wonders Lord — I believe in you even when it’s hard.

I knew that you would come when I called.

You won’t ever let anything bad happen to me.

I thank you that one of your names is Jehovah-Nissi — God my covering — my protection — and also, God my victory.

You are Jehovah-Shalom — God my peace.

And Jehovah-Rapha — God my healer — among many other names.

There isn’t anything you aren’t capable of doing Lord. If you’ve done it before you can surely do it again. Your word is true and your promises remain. You are with us, you go before us, and you uphold us with your righteous right hand.

You mark me and cover me.

I have been found in your arms, safe and secure, free from fear.

If you helped Moses split a sea, you can part my waters.

If you provided a whale for Jonah to rest in, you will provide me with covering in time of need.

You weren’t nailed on a cross, brutally killed, and buried for me to stay in bondage or to see me struggle.

You died and rose so that I could be free and one day walk in communion with you. So I could experience the joy of salvation. To spread a crucial message of hope to people that may or may not need it more than me.

It breaks your heart to see your children submitted and trapped within the lies of the enemy doesn’t it? To see us being harmed? To see us in such distress?

I know it breaks your heart.

Show us what it looks like to walk in complete freedom.

I want to walk in it.

I want to experience the fullness of joy once again.

And until I get there — I’m never going to stop asking you, my father in heaven, to come and pick me up in the midst of my falling.

I’m never going to stop pursuing your truth and filling my spirit with good and perfect things. I will always be hungry for a heavenly perspective and glimpses of you, my glorious king.

Here I am, Lord, yet again in your inner courts, awaiting directions to get me safely through enemy lines. I run straight to you and you welcome me with open arms. I take delight in the peace you supply and exult over you with shouts of praise. Because you’re so worthy to be praised. And you’re beautiful in all your ways.

No matter what corrupt lies the enemy tries to convince me of, I know you, my God, are never gonna let me down.

Yours truly and forever,






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