This picture is from a stroll in downtown Gresham today.

I had plans to get the tires of my bicycle inflated at a nearby shop, so I threw my bike into the back of my car (not without difficulty) and hit the streets. I had forgotten it was Saturday and was taken aback by how many people were packed into the surrounding blocks.

The farmers market. Duh.

After aiding my bike and it’s tire’s literal 0 air pressure, I hopped on and, instead of approaching my car, found myself pedaling past the parking lot and towards the market.

There was no room to politely ride my bike so I resorted to walking it again. Yet even then, it was difficult to pass people and not feel in the way.

I made my way though, gazing at flowers, bundles of fresh produce: assorted berries, asparagus, tomatoes, squashes, herbs, apricots, and leafy greens, handmade jewelry, works of art, and wooden walking sticks. Middle-aged men playing terrible jazz. Lots of dogs. Lots of children. Lots of noise.

Satisfied with my browsing (and even more satisfied with my choice to not buy anything), I purposely passed this Volkswagen to snap a photo before the final return to my car.

I like standing quietly in a moment of bliss to take a picture. It’s something that I used to be so afraid to do. Especially when people decide to stare at you.

Go ahead and stare. I don’t care one bit.

I’ve been wanting to incorporate more everyday topics into my writing in order to post more frequently. And I’ve decided a good way to do that could be to share more of me and what I do, products I use, places I go, and maybe even outfits I wear. I’m not really sure.

As you probably already know by now, I’m a pretty transparent person and I like to be vulnerable. So this should be fun.

I already have a skincare post in the works and feel inspired to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to the things that I wear. Because when you only have a few dozen items of clothing left after purging your wardrobe, you have to get creative.

Consistency and self discipline are two things I find myself struggling with the most. So, I believe this will be a challenge, but just the push I need to create despite the fear of perfection. I don’t want to be perfect. I would like to be better at the things I aspire to though.

I’m excited to share with you.

And excited for you to see more of me.

Makayla Marie





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