People call me Makayla.

I have two middle names and like to pretend the second one is my last name.

I love to rest, reflect, drink tea, and create. I love IKEA, thrifting, and walks through my local Saturday market.

I’m aspiring to be lots of things: a graphic designer, a skincare guru, a loving cat mother, a better writer and woman, and one day, maybe an art director or editor-in-chief.

I started this blog in hopes of simply reminding myself of life’s teachable moments. Yet, it’s blossomed in a way that I can’t credit to myself, but to my creator, Yahweh.

It’s my heart to bring forth vulnerability and God’s promise’s in the midst of trouble. To reveal beauty in the mundane, truth in the static, and peace in the middle of the storm. I want to share my creative vision, the things I see and discern, and my path to freedom.

Because my freedom is not just for me, it’s for you.



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