Even At My Worst

You know that feeling when you get out of a car after being in it for a really long time? Like hours? Sore bum? Bladder about to burst? Kind of starving? That's sort of how I feel right now. Or rather, how I felt. Tired, unsatisfied, hungry — the list could go on and on.… Continue reading Even At My Worst

A Wednesday Afternoon.

*Written earlier today in my little olive green journal* I'm catching what seems to be the last stitches of Fall. Or perhaps they are the first of Winter. Either way, I'm content. This last week has been one of toil and I've needed more time to myself than ever to rest, reflect, and most of all — refocus.… Continue reading A Wednesday Afternoon.

That’s Home.

It's a very grey morning in my hometown of Walla Walla and the rain contained to the clouds is just starting to descend to the ground. The sun is trying to peek through the sky. The air is just cool enough to need a sweater, yet warm enough to restrain from shivering. Do these conditions remind… Continue reading That’s Home.

Portland: A City of Hope

As I rode the Max train towards downtown this morning (as I always love to do), I couldn't help but look at all the souls around me and see their hurt. To look around and see the pain that inhibits this city. The oppression. The addictions. The weights of life that seem to be on… Continue reading Portland: A City of Hope